Chinara Satkeeva.


This morning our guest was Shinara. She works at Google as a technical manager.

But before that, she worked at the Bank of Morgan in sales. She also studied at the University of Montana and at the end of the University received 3 degrees. And you know what is most surprising is not that she received 3 degrees (do not argue this is a very cool and difficult) and not even the fact that she was able to study in a good Institute, and the fact that she could not having the technical education to get a job in Google. Of course you know what would work in Google have a great deal to know and need to be googley.

I’m amazed that despite the difficulties she met, she still managed to achieve what she wanted. Of course it wasn’t easy but miss Sinara their qualities as industriousness, responsibility, and sociability have achieved what she wanted and desired. Today talking with her we learned what is important in life to be to be sociable and to help other people who need help.

Written on June 28, 2016